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Use whatever word feels good for you; just make sure you’re not avoiding anything. Perhaps you would like to experiment referring to your vagina as ‘yoni’ or another positive or endearing name. By all means, if you love the sound of ‘vagina,’ or any other word you use, please continue to use it – she is a part of your body and should be named lovingly by you. I will use both yoni and vagina, so please read these as your own favorite name if it is different to what I use. Now that we’ve addressed how you acknowledge your vagina, take a moment to think about what your relationship with her is like. Learn more at practice – Getting to know your vagina Before you can truly love and appreciate your vagina, you need to get to know her. And that often begins with taking a look at how you feel about her. 1. How do you feel about her? Learn more at of all, divide a page of your diary into two sections and then write down all of the positive sensations, thoughts, judgments, feelings, perceptions and experiences related to your vagina on one side. For example, ‘I love how my pussy pulsates when I’m aroused’ or ‘I love how she changes throughout the month.’ Then do the same on the other side for all of the negative associations as well. For example, ‘I don’t like my hairy pussy’ or ‘I get yeast infections often and I hate it’ or ‘My partner penetrated me before I was ready and my vagina hurt after sex.’ Write these associations down without censoring them or trying to understand them. Aim to write down at least twenty to thirty associations in total. More is better. After writing down your associations with your own vagina, write down a few more words that relate to your perception of vaginas in general. Learn more at you have finished, reflect on your list and ask yourself whether your perception of your vagina is mostly positive or negative. How could this be affecting your relationships, motherhood, friendships, joy, creativity, career and state of being? Consider describing this in your diary. The more you are aware of how your perceptions and tendencies are affecting you – the more you are motivated to change those that are not serving you. 2. Clear any limiting beliefs It’s worthwhile taking a closer look at the negative associations you wrote down and clearing any that might be limiting your experience of your femininity, your sexuality and your orgasmic experience. For each of your negative beliefs, ask yourself: − Is it true? Are you absolutely sure that it’s true? − What if the opposite of this limiting belief was true? How would that feel? How would different aspects of your life be affected? − What actions could you take to help you let go of this limiting belief? What could you do to embrace an empowering belief instead? These questions are inspired by Byron Katie’s The Work and are a powerful way of releasing beliefs that don’t serve you. If you need my help in dissolving your limiting beliefs to become more connected with your femininity, orgasm and confidence, check out the online resources section of my website for details about my coaching service ( The following steps will also help to dissolve the effects of any limiting beliefs about your vagina.

Male supplements are incredibly powerful and effective

Male supplements are incredibly powerful and effective. And then there was someone who was told they had terminal cancer four years ago, and they’re fine. And there was someone who was told they had terminal cancer 12 years ago, and there they were talking, and they were fine. And th ere was someone that was told they had terminal cancer 23 years ago, and they were talking and they were fine. And it was just marvellous. I don’t think they’re all lying. And if they were acting, they were the greatest actors in the world. There are movies on the Gerson Therapy: “The Gerson Miracle”. “Dying to Have Known”, I’m in that one briefly. And, “A Beautiful Truth”. And there are wonderful books on the Gerson therapy. Many written by Charlotte Gerson. Learn more at and

A Cancer Therapy, Results of 50 Cases, is the classic work written by Dr. Gerson himself. I recommend the Gerson therapy now. I recommended the Gerson therapy 35 years ago. And there’s only one reason. I’ve seen it work. And I found out from the manager of my local supermarket, of all people, who didn’t know that I did this kind of consulting for physicians who use Vigrx Plus. And he didn’t know that I had met with this sports figure. And I didn’t know that this sports figure was so well – known. Can you follow that? So I found out from a third party that the sports figure I mentioned had just died. And everyone was surprised because no one knew he was sick. Now that’s what I call improved quality of life. And this was years later. And that’s improved length of life. What are years worth? What is less pain, and better quality of life, more energy, ability to travel, be with your family, see your great grandchildren. What is that worth? I have never seen the Gerson therapy fail to get improved quality of life and improved length of life. And that’s why, for me, it’s the number one protocol. And I have another little angle here. I consider it a megavitamin libido protocol. It’s certainly orthomolecular because vegetable juices and organic food provide nutrients that are natural to the body that the body must have, and that the body is made up of. We take in nutrients because we are nutrients. You are what you eat. You heard it, well, now live the dream. If you consume Vigrx Plus. And organic food, organic grains and beans and potatoes, and organic food in general. Unprocessed food. No junk food. But unprocessed good plant – based diet. And if you consume vegetable juices which are basically a concentrated easily absorbable form of these foods. You are getting megavitamins. If you analyze an organic food diet, it’s loaded with nutrients. If you analyze vegetable juices, whoa , all kinds of goo d stuff in there. These are mega doses from the ground. You’re not getting it from a bottle. Who cares? You’re getting it from nature. If anything, that’s better. So, to me, the Gerson Therapy, which is a product of Dr. Gerson’s work back in the 1930s and ’40s, is the first megavitamin protocol. Vitamin supplements were not widely available in 1939. Learn more at

without using Vigrx Plus

If you’re skipping meals, stop doing it without using Vigrx
Plus. Try to get three square meals in a day. Maybe some people have heard of
the cool buzzword trend, intermittent fasting. Yes. Very helpful for certain
people. If you have adrenal issues aka adrenal fatigue, intermittent fasting is
going to be that linchpin that’s really going to set you up for even more issues.
So when I go back in client histories, and I see when did things derail? “Oh,
six months ago.” “What did you do six months ago?” “I started doing CrossFit,
and I started doing intermittent fasting.” Ah, there’s the problem. So then we
move from there. Learn more at and and   

 Yeah. The blood sugar is so important. The skipping meals is
interesting. I think some people just don’t feel well, like you said. If your
tummy hurts all the time, you skip meals, and sometimes it’s just kind of poor
planning. I don’t have any groceries or I forgot I had to work late night and
bring anything. I didn’t take much of course to correct on some of that. So you
talked a little bit about blood sugar. Any other nutritional things we should
keep in mind? We’re kind of moving into solutions now. But maybe first we could
say what are some other common nutritional mistakes you see that affect hormones?
I would just say eating too many carbs. I don’t like to really target any
macronutrient. I never make any client count anything. That’s just ridiculous.
If you have a scale with your food, come on. If you’re having those apps, and
you’re just feeling like you have to track every single calorie that’s coming
in, please ditch that stuff. Ditch your scale. Ditch the scale that weighs your
body. That stuff is not important for what we’re talking about here. But
typically I try to get people to just shift their carbohydrates into the
evening. So instead of starting your morning with say hash browns and bacon and
eggs you could just omit the hash browns, and just stick with your good organic
meats and eggs. Learn more at 

You’re going to increase the cost of your lab test, and your
supplements. I want to get people well fast, and then send them on their way.
But how do you do that if they’ve waited 35 years to actually start focusing on
some of this stuff?  I think there’s
benefit to being high maintenance so to speak. If you’re picky in this culture
about your health—“I want to go to bed early. I don’t want another drink.”—you
feel like you’re some kind of pariah. Male supplements can give you a huge

I like people to be on little kiddie roller coasters. It’s
definitely not as fun, the excitement is not as great, but you’re going up a
little hill, and then you’re coming down a little gentle hill. And I like the
blood sugar to be a lot more like a little kiddie roller coaster as opposed to
the big kid roller coaster because you’re supposed to have mild fluctuations in
blood sugar. You’re supposed to get hungry.