AHDI Accreditation for Digital Transcription

It might be interesting to know the AHDI fees involved for digital transcription accreditation. We asked two schools for information on this. We were told the review process charged by the AHDI costs $2000.00. The yearly fee to be posted on the AHDI website after acceptance is $500.00. The AHDI has employees and needs to pay them and pay for expenses. Of course there would be fees involved.

A school which is almost always filled to capacity wouldn’t need this service. Schools which have been in existence for years and years have a strong referral base and don’t want added expense. A very large corporate school might find this service irrelevant due to their size and the fact they focus on governmental accreditation instead.

Is AHDI accreditation a necessity? Of course not. There are hundreds of schools teaching digital transcription and only a small handful of schools listed on the AHDI site which chose to be reviewed and then approved. There are almost no community colleges rated by the AHDI and community colleges have produced the majority of MTs over the last 40 years.

I hope we have been fair to all and helped our readers. We will cover more information on this in a follow-up post. What curriculum or text publisher is most popular and which is best?

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