Anitfungal Herpes

Just getting them past that initial hump that something that’s so delicious can really be good for you, and satisfying and healing. So you got to convince people. You can’t. I mean, it’s hard to imagine that we would be designed to love things that are not good for us. Right? I mean, sugar is one of those things, right? But actually in the past, you couldn’t get sugar, right? Historically, you couldn’t get sugar. So you could get berries occasionally. You’d find honey once in a while. The average hunter gatherer had 20 teaspoons of sugar a year. We have 20 a day or more. More. Some people have 35 teaspoons of sugar a day. Right. You know fat that was prized, right? The hunter gatherers, what would they eat first? They’d eat the brain. The buffalo, hump on the back of the buffalo. That was the first thing. It was all fat. That’s what they’d eat. The hunter gatherers, they’d break the bones of the animal and suck out the marrow. That was the first thing they eat. So if fat was so bad for us, why would we like it so much? Yeah, yeah. It’s built into us. That’s, I think, another thing especially for women, but I think for men as well, to help them realize that they’re not bad or weak-willed for craving these things. Yeah, let’s talk about the craving thing because that’s a big thing, right? So people go like, “Oh my God, you want me to eat more fat. Then how am I going to stop my cravings for sugar and carbs?” You talked a lot about how people should deal with their cravings. And you talk about actually how cravings can help us get healthy? What do you mean by that? Yeah, so like you were saying, back in the hunter gatherer days, food was scarce and these vital nutrients were hard work to come by. So sugar, fat, and salt, our brains evolved to give us nice little happy squirts of endorphins when we found them. We got rewarded by the brain when we ate sugar, fat, and salt because we needed them to survive but they’re hard to come by. So you can have this bacterial drive that they crave so you eat what they need. Then there’s nutritional crave… Wait, before you jump off that. I just want to say something, be- cause people, how do they get that? Well they get it by eating sugar and pro- cessed food, having antibiotics, sometime using hormones, steroids, and stress. All that stuff will cause an overgrowth of yeast, which is…can be Candida; it can be other forms of yeast. And I’ve seen these in my practice for decades. When you treat it, people feel better. I had one women, she lost 15 pounds by just giving her an antifungal, because it changed the whole dynamic in her body and the inflammation and probably her cravings. Yeah, so you can start eating probiotic rich foods like raw sauer- kraut. Start taking some good quality probiotics. And start taking down the re- fined sugars completely for a while, is best. You know what else is antifungal? Learn more at

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