Dessert Tables with the Right Table Cloths

I just seen something posted on Facebook, by a party blogger and it got me thinking. While I still love dessert and candy tables, I have been thinking of trying something new. But are they really that played out?? And are combing desserts, candy and popcorn, considered the same thing? Which is something I thought of mixing. I recently saw someone who did a gourmet popcorn table and I just wasn’t moved by it. Popcorn is popcorn, yeah, they may vary in colors slightly but what else is there?? Decorating around the popcorn and trying to make it look exciting… We’ve done sundae bars, candy tables and dessert tables, what’s next? So how do you ladies feel about this? Does anyone have any new and exciting ideas with the tables and the table cloths??

Personally I have never been a fan, I agree that it makes the party look pretty and beautifully crafted on the table, but I honestly do not want my child or his friends consuming tons of junk. (Keep in mind I have a baby, so we haven’t reached the candy stage, and I plan to put it off as long as possible.) If a client on the other hand wants a dessert buffet or dessert table with shiny table cloths, then what they pay for is what they shall receive.

What I have been a fan of for the past year for my son’s birthday party and play dates are fun foods. I usually get the cookbooks that are by the check stand at the grocery store, and they consist of recipes and fun food ideas to create creatures and animals etc out of food. For example, using crescent rolls and hot dogs to create butterflies. Last year I had English muffins with a bed of lettuce, chicken salad and tortilla chips and created sail boats, served on a blue plate with gold fish and you have a complete theme. I also purchased a cookbook at Borders, it has all types of ways to turn chicken nuggets into snails, scoops of ice cream into ladybugs, and even brussell sprouts into mickey mouse. Sorry but yes I am that mom, that wants your child to eat healthy and enjoy just a little junk when you come visit my house or attend a party.Someone on here had an under the sea party theme and used hot dogs they turned into octopuses. Love It!

Well for a party I really don’t mind the junk. My son had a dessert/candy table for his 1st but he was too young, that it was really for the guest. He barely had any of his 1st cake. This coming bday (his 2nd), I thought I would combing treats like fruit. I posted this on my blog a few days ago, Fruit Pops. Maybe a little popcorn…..idk?!? I like the idea of fun foods. But are you thinking of that taking the place of what the dessert table does? The dessert table is typically the added treat table. I’m just wondering, if that’s gone, what’s the added treat?

This year my treats consisted of dipped pretzel rods, marshmallow pops, cookies, and I did serve fruit kabobs, which were skewers with strawberries, marshmallows (left over), bananas, watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, honeydew. I also did a ice cream sherbet beverage. For a group of 1 and 2 year olds, that was all the treats they needed plus cupcakes.

So it’s totally up to you and what you decided what’s a treat for your guest. For me, yes it does take the place of the dessert table. At least for now since my son is young and can’t enjoy it and neither can his playmates. My tablescapes still come out gorgeous, with the hand crafted foods, table cloths and displays.

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