How to Recognize and Stop Inappropriate Physician Behavior

Disruptive doctors are an issue across all healthcare specialties, and otolaryngology is no exception. Disruptive behavior in hospitals may also endanger patient safety.

The definition of a tumultuous doctor has narrowed during the past few decades. Behaviors that could have been categorized as 10 to 20 decades ago as irrelevant are now regarded as disruptive.

There might be a fine line between being tumultuous and only being a jerk, but treading online may bring difficulties to the clinic. To know more about disruptive physician behavior in the workplace you can browse The Disruptive Physician Behavior & Treatment with Dr. DeLaRosa & Team.

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Poor Behaviors

The demeaning behaviors would be the most prone to cause difficulties. These will include:

  • Making threats
  • Shouting or throwing items
  • Making condescending comments
  • Criticizing a colleague before a patient or other team members
  • Vocalizing inappropriate remarks
  • Touching a colleague at a sensual manner

Verbally harassing or mocking a colleague may lead to legal liability in case it involves an individual's age, race, gender, handicap, religion, pregnancy, or another protected group.

It's essential for a doctor’s clinic to have policies and processes to summarize the kinds of behaviors which won't be tolerated.

But also clarify the interventions which need to be undertaken if rules are broken and also outline the effects which are going to be enforced if these interventions fail.

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