journal of my pheromone attraction experience

As promised, I will begin a journal of my pheromone attraction experience. I’ve chosen now because I currently on summer break. I just finished the cold shower challenge, and I’m happy with the experience. I decided to test both hot and cold water today. Verdict: I prefer cold showers with natural pheromone perfume. As far as women go, well I keep you updated if anything interesting happens. I’m looking forward to hanging out with my ex-gf over break. If that does not work out then I will continue to work on my game. I’ll make the most of whatever situation arises. Women are not currently my main concern about human pheromones. Currently Reading: The Regrets of the pheromone user. Mainly because of pheromone attraction. There will be a journal here. I don’t know what it is about. It’s not so much about reflection I have my offline journal for that. It’s a bit about sharing stuff with you guys which I believe to be relevant. It’s a bit about self-reflection though, it’s about writing quick and just writing down the experience of real pheromones. I noticed how meditation gives me the ability to say no to a lot of things which I am slightly addicted to. For instance I did not feel the need to masturbate for over 4 days now. Sure I still feel horniness, but I just don’t see the point of releasing human pheromones. Learn more at and enjoy that feeling now, whereas I used to want to ‘get it out of my system’ (it stressed me out and I lost ability to feel relaxed, that disability has reduced quite a lot). I notice that when I sincerely love the people who are close to me that I experience a profound boost in confidence. It feels great to love my grandparents (I live with them), it feels grateful as well. I feel love Even loving people who (unintentionally) hurt you can be a rewarding experience with natural pheromones. I noticed that sexual frustation can be reduced by feeling confidence. I feel confidence through loving people and feeling like I can take on every negative stuff the world throws at me, except if it kills me but then I don’t have the need to relieve myself of sexual frustration with human pheromones. In the unintentional experiment I was really ill when I went out, but I was out anyway. I decided to sit down put in my earplugs and let everything just flow over me. When I was sitting down I decided to take up a lot of space like a dominant alpha male who is socially open to meeting new people who use pheromones. According to the research my testosterone should increase with 25% after 2 minutes and my cortisol (stress) should lower 20%. I could really used this. I sat like this for 10 minutes and suddenly I noticed all the people dancing with real pheromones. I noticed their emotions and how they were dancing and I enjoyed it. I normally don’t really have this (I normally don’t sit on a party as well ). Learn more at

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