Not Showing Up – Hard Drives

My LaCie Rugged Mini 2TB USB 3.0 hard drive has stopped running. it’s beeping and may not display up both on the computer or underneath disk utilities. I have got a number of statistics that wishes recovering!! How lots is it to recover this and make it practical again? I’ve tried a lot of different things but the drive isn’t showing up – I found this blog which sums up my problem nicely.

i have two hard drives that aren’t operating. the primary is a 5tb Seagate which become an external power – I plugged the incorrect strength percent into it and it is goosed. i have tried to get it running thru an outside hub but no good fortune. No clicking or any sound coming from the power when positioned in the external hub. the second disk fell and now clicks after I try to get it running thru the outside hub. This turned into a 1tb power. It clicks repeatedly but would not seem in addition up. can you deliver me a rough estimate as to how plenty we would be talking approximately to try and recover statistics from each disk? I comprehend that this would handiest be a totally hard estimate given the need to definitely get a right study the drives.

We presently have round one hundred DDS-1, DDS-2 and DDS-three tapes (and a couple of DAT72) which we can’t get entry to because of hardware incompatibility. We would love to apply your facts migration carrier to move the data at the tapes to a difficult drive as a way to be sent again to us. At the moment they are not showing up on the computers and if feasible ought to i’ve a quote for much this form of migration would cost.

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