Putting Interactive Website Design to Work for your Business

When you put an interactive website design together, your job as designer is to create an experience that simply works as a whole. It’s the only thing that keeps visitors coming back. How do you create an interactive website in such a way that people will keep coming back? Well, you want to put everything you have into building a website that is truly engaging.

When you go with a website design concept that’s very new, innovative and creative, it can be a bit of a wager whether you really manage to engage the viewer. With a design philosophy that’s very new, some people are likely to feel turned off. When you go with a conventional layout, you can be pretty sure that you know what your audiences will think. You can plan more effectively when you know that.

While there are certain design features that certainly can be tinkered with, do make sure that your general layout isn’t unconventional. More than anything, people really want to be able to just move about a website with ease. They want convenience first. Take for instance what happened when Apple, in a recent OS X version, chose to completely change how the scrollbar acted. Lots of people were horrified when the scrollbar did the exact opposite of what they were used to. You don’t want that kind of reaction. Especially, if you aren’t Apple.

It can be very important interactive website design step to integrate your website very deeply with the social media. People just want to share everything all the time, and to see input on everything they do from their social media friends all the time. The more you are able to integrate the two experiences into one interface, the more convenient and well-loved your website will become. If you’re designing a website for small business, bringing the social media in can be particularly beneficial. People will feel better about leaving word around about your business.

It can take a while for some webpages to load. That’s especially true if you use many images. People do have faster Internet connections now, and using images and other data heavy items in your interactive website design is no longer such a bad idea. In fact, wherever possible, you should use color and imagery to make the experience a lot a lot more interesting than it might otherwise be.

When a page does take a little while to load, you could take the time to entertain your visitor with things like factoids to do with your business or industry in general.

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