Smart Ways To Increase Your Landing Page Conversions

As you may well know, it is never just enough to build a landing page and then expect visitors to come with their email addresses, or to purchase a product, watch a video or download an ebook.

The psychology behind online user behavior is more complex than that.

Although people may have a need, they require persuading and convincing that yours is the best solution for their needs. In other words, good conversions necessitate greater innovation when it comes to creating your landing pages.

Here are some effective steps you can take to generate those top-funnel conversions and push prospects further down the sales-channel:

Address pain points with long form content

Many marketers believe the myth that shorter content equals more conversions. However, a lot of brands are now utilizing long form content and are reporting increased and consistent conversion rates.

What makes longer content particularly effective is its ability to fully address the concerns and questions that are most important to your prospects. Unsurprisingly, inadequate information is a major cause of high bounce rates.

A word of caution: The quality and presentation of your content matters as much as the quantity. This means that you really must understand what your prospects need, what concerns them, and what solutions they are looking for, so you can create landing page content that persuades them.

Get them to commit and to commit again

Before your prospects make a big commitment, for example, signing up for your trial service or purchasing a service, they have to first make smaller commitments.

This is just how human beings are inclined to behave when they are making a purchasing decision. You first see if the service provider understands your primary concern before you can go ahead to fully commit to trying out their service.

How does this work on an actual landing page?

Ideally, you already understand your prospects’ persona, their attributes and the type of problem they want to solve. The next step is to precisely define a solution.

Integrate a sense of appeal into your landing page title by acknowledging the attributes or problem your prospect is undergoing. Then, in your call to action (CTA), offer the solution.

When a prospect reads a title that fully resonates with them, they would have made the first small commitment, a nod. When they go on to read the CTA that promises to offer them a solution, there is a higher chance that your prospect will take action, whether that is purchasing a product, or providing their email contact.

For example, if you were selling a weight loss solution and were looking for a commitment, i.e. a conversion, your title and call to action might read like this:

Go all out, or go home

In an overly crowded online space, you need to assert your power to be heard at all.

What does power look like on a landing page? It’s all about the graphics, wording and visual superiority you accord your page.

When it comes to wording, powerful language that taps into human emotions is the most persuasive. Words such as‘best ever,’‘never seen before,’ ‘unmatched,’ ‘most powerful,’ ‘ultimate’ are all authoritative and emotive and can move people to action.

Do not be afraid to go big on your headlines and fonts. The use of powerful visual elements and graphics can help to convince prospects about the superiority of your service or product.

As you might expect, skimping on the visual aspects of your landing page is a sure way to direct prospects to competitors.

Humanize your pages

Study after study has shown that landing pages with the highest conversions are those that feature a real person.

Human beings are generally drawn to other humans who seem likable. In addition to establishing a connection with the person featured on your landing page, humanizing your pages is also an excellent technique for creating trust.


Persuasion isn’t about trickery; for the online marketer, it is about finding out what your prospects need and creatively presenting a solution in a way that will lead them to make a commitment.


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