Every business in the world has to have customers. Otherwise, they won’t be in business for long. The days are numbered and time is money. However, no matter who we are we have to know when to quit. Girlfriends sometimes don’t know when to quit and you become their new habit, their new dessert, their new pain reliever, and the list goes on. Be patient with her and get every dime you can out of this situation. With pheromones you can attract more women with ease. Learn more about pheromones at and main objective here is for you to utilize your pheromone signals and your quality time wisely. You should be thinking like a manager and ensure that everything happens on your clock. You should know her routine by now and if you don’t you’ll end up finding out sooner or later. But make sure you find out first. Your time is precious and you should treat it as such. Once she gets some free time, you need to start thinking about work for her to do for you. This is actually very simple. Just ask her to do something that you would have done if you were together and walking home, e.g. pick up your favorite pheromone cologne. Women tend to do this a lot. For instance, she’ll ask you to pick up something for her on your way over. Suppose she’s too busy or she makes up an excuse, then you have to let her know it’s her responsibilitythe next time around. Don’t get tied up on creating a thousand and one different things for her to do. Before you know it, she’ll become so fed up with her routine and her new to—do list, if she isn’t already, that she’ll start to ask you to spend more time with her instead using natural pheromones. By this time, you should know a lot more about her. You should know how she reacts under pressure. You should know her top five favorite things to do, her top five favorite places to go, and her top five favorite foods. Here you have to use your best judgment and decide what will be the most appealing at that time. Once you have that figured out, you need to paint a better picture for her to do these things so that you can get paid. For example, you can remind her about the cheap (say cheap) $50 shirt you found that you wanted to wear when you do ( her favorite thing). Then ask her if she can give you the money before you go to ( her favorite place) or do ( her favorite thing). This may or may not happen immediately so give her a few hours to think about it and remind her again the following day. You need to add on the pressure daily. So you should be focused mainly on her task completion and remind her to give you the money even though you have already purchased the shirt with scented pheromones. You will start seeing results when she’s more interested in you and the activity than the money itself. Keep in mind that this works all the time. Your approach may be different but I’ve done this with clothes, jewelry, vacations, and cars. So stay away from women that are broke because there’s only one way to go on a dead end street — and that’s far, far, away. Learn about pheromones at

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